A south Alabama blues guitarist and singer burst on to the scene with his debut album "The Flood" in early August of 2017 showing not only his love for songwriting but his ever growing desire to play the blues. David moved to Nashville to pursue his passion and formed a indie rock group named Ivory Noire with co front James Leprettre and released their self titled debut album "Ivory Noire." With critical acclaim and great reviews of songs like "Another Minute," and "Bloodletter," David began his career as a producer along side his artistic project Ivory Noire.Check out his music up to Date and the artist he has produced!



A Gifted Songwriter and Guitarist

Every since a young age, David Shivers has been captivated by music. He started playing guitar at the age of six learning songs like Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" and The Ventures "Pipeline." He found a love in rock n' roll and the blues and began writing at the age of 12. As David moved the middle school and high school he was frequently found playing at local restaurants, music venues, and even one of Mobile's prime music halls, The Saenger Theatre. He ventured through many styles as he moved from band to band during his high school years and decided during the spring of 2017 that he wanted to release his first album. That summer he spent hours on end writing, recording, producing, and arranging what would be his debut album titled "The Flood." He released his album August 12 of 2017 the day after his 17th birthday. The album has recived critical acclaim calling his songwriting "wise beyond his years," and his guitar playing, "Up to par with even today's professionals." You can hear David's music on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and of course on the website store.



Mobile, AL, USA


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